Raniji Ki Baori Bundi

Raniji Ki Baori, in-built 1699 by blue blood Nathavati Islamic Group is one in all the popular step wells in Bundi city, Rajasthan. it’s the most important Baori in Bund with regarding fifty stairs. throughout the medieval era, this baori was very fashionable installation for the native folks for social and spiritual reasons. it’s a slender entrance with stone structures of elephants facing one another and could be a high-rise structure. At the doorway, there square measure four pillars, that showcases lovely figure and there’s a tall standing arch formed gate.

As the history behind this baori goes, blue blood Nathavati Islamic Group was the younger spouse of ruler Rao Raja Anirudh Singh. She gave birth to a son, Maharao Raja Budh Singh. however the previous spouse of the king UN agency was unable to administer birth to a baby became desirous of the younger queen. Thus, blue blood Nathavati Islamic Group gave her son to the previous queen of the raja and devoted herself for the well being of the someone. this is often the rationale she started the development of this Raniji Ki Baori.

There is a attend place at every of the floors of the stepped well. Raniji Ki Baori is well carved with ogee bracket work.

Raniji Ki Baori is found at a distance of thirty five metric linear unit from Kota Station in Bundi. the closest field is that the Jaipur Airway, that is at a distance of 206 metric linear unit from Bundi. it’s well connected by road with the opposite vital places in Rajastha. The entry fee is extremely nominal and further Rs. one hundred must be paid if one desires to hold a camera within the premises.

Tourists will pay some peaceful time degustation the history of this baori. There square measure stalls outside the stepped well, wherever one will style native Rajasthani snacks.

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