Lake Nawal Sagar Bundi

Lake Nawal Sagar is one among the foremost vital traveler attractions of Bundi. completely different baoris surrounds this lake all told its sides. there’s a Temple of Lord Varuna, i.e the Aryan God of Water, settled at the centre of this lake and it attracts sizable amount of worshippers. The temple is part underwater and boat service is accessible to assist the followers to achieve the temple.

The best side of the lake that primarily attracts the traveler is that it reflects a likeness of the forts and palaces in its water. it had been created with the aim of providing water to the assorted step wells that ar there in Bundi to touch upon water insufficiency. The Nawal Sagar lake will be best viewed from on top of the Taragarh Fort or by the road lying adjacent to the lake. The lake appearance stunning at nighttime once it’s adorned with lights and wonderful reflection falls within the water. A daytime visit to the lake will be snug collectively will relish cool weather.

There is a palace close to the Lake Nawal Sagar, that is essentially a three hundred years recent historical property that has currently been restructured as a edifice.

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